Econse is developing the next generation of
technologies to solve critical water challenges.

Our products are helping industries and communities reduce their impact on the environment.

Since our company’s inception, our R&D team have demonstrated many successful projects across a variety of applications utilizing our ECONSE tool box of technology, IP and innovation.


Our focus is on developing disruptive solutions that are both practical and scalable,
in areas traditionally under serviced by traditional technologies.

Some areas of research and case studies include:

Brewery, Winery, Cider, Distillery Wastewater Treatment
Food & beverage BOD/COD reduction – juice, sugar, ice-cream, etc.
Disinfection of treated wastewater for irrigation or non-potable reuse
Agricultural Vegetable Wash water treatment and reuse
Greenhouses wastewater Treatment/reuse
Phosphorus reduction from industry and waterways
FATS OIL GREASE SEPARATOR – for restaurants, bakeries, collects FOG
Destruction of PCBs/POPs from groundwater (no incineration)
Destruction of VOCs, TCEs, THMs, HHAs and other chemicals of concerns
Decentralized Drinking Water System
Disinfection, Bacteria, viruses (Log 6)
Reduction of heavy metals, Arsenic, Iron, Lead, Mercury, etc.
Reduction of THMs/HAAs
Color, Odour, bad taste and more
Aquaponics Water Purification – cleans and improves fish growth
Mining Wastewater Treatment – onsite treatment to reduce tailings


Econse gratefully acknowledges assistance from several government agencies,
academic institutions and other supportive organizations such as:


“ With the BrüClean System I don’t have to worry about a process that normally takes up a lot of a brewer’s time”

“The better we are at protecting our water at source, the better our water is going to be for all of us and future generations”

“This solution helps reduces risks of any spikes or spills leaving the business and upsetting the local Wastewater Treatment Plant.”

“a very small portion of my day is spent managing wastewater”

“Econse helped us understand the regulations and worked with us to provided a system that meets the city’s targets”

“If you’re a small or mid sized business, your options for wastewater treatment are very limited.”

“Our solutions cost thousands, not millions, with a foot print a fraction the size of traditional treatment options.”