New Surface & Air Disinfection

New Surface & Air Disinfection

Chemical Free Disinfection of COVID-19
for your business and community

OZOCAV Technology is a powerful new tool in the fight against
Covid-19 and other bacteria, viruses and more.
Rapidly disinfect and reoccupy high traffic spaces faster and effectively!

Protect your customers, staff and business
Compact simple operation, with no down time
Dramatically lower cost vs Chemical Fog, UV disinfection
Proven, safe, and effective disinfection
Reduce exposure risk to chemicals, UV



In early 2020, the humanitarian crisis and the economic impact from COVID-19 became apparent.  Econse began investigating how our company could respond to the crisis beyond our current product lines. 

Our engineering team in partnership with the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Nanotechnology adapted one of our core disinfection systems to allow for chemical free surface and air disinfection. Initial trials show 100x more powerful disinfection (log 6) than bleach using only water and leaving no harmful residue or by-products.  

The Ozocav technology allows for safe, large scale, low cost industrial level disinfection of surfaces and air in high traffic, high turn-over spaces with no consumables. Unlike toxic fogging or other chemical cleaners, our technology does not require employees to evacuate spaces for extended periods of time. Occupation of rooms and facilities can continue uninterrupted and disinfection is immediate on contact.

This new technology has the potential to be deployed as a powerful tool against COVID-19 and all future pandemics.  Our technology will disinfect Bacteria, Viruses, Pathogens, Microbes, Mold, Fungus and more.  This has many applications for helping the fight against the pandemic:

Increased bio security for homes, businesses

Safer working environments indoor/outdoor for workers and staff

Easy to disinfect equipment, floors, air, and products chemical free

Possible ability to reduce rot, mold on stored products

“ With the BrüClean System I don’t have to worry about a process that normally takes up a lot of a brewer’s time”

“The better we are at protecting our water at source, the better our water is going to be for all of us and future generations”

“This solution helps reduces risks of any spikes or spills leaving the business and upsetting the local Wastewater Treatment Plant.”

“a very small portion of my day is spent managing wastewater”

“Econse helped us understand the regulations and worked with us to provided a system that meets the city’s targets”

“If you’re a small or mid sized business, your options for wastewater treatment are very limited.”

“Our solutions cost thousands, not millions, with a foot print a fraction the size of traditional treatment options.”