Turn-Key wastewater treatment solutions
for the Craft Brewing industry

The BrüClean System was designed specifically
for the craft brewing industry to help address
their unique wastewater challenges.

Integrated Mechanical System
Compact simple operations, real time treatment
Dramatically lower cost vs biological systems
Scalable for all sized Craft Breweries
Easy to retro-fit or expand as you grow



Craft breweries are popping up in towns all across North America. Our solution helps reduce risks of any spikes or spills leaving the brewery and upsetting the local Wastewater Treatment Plant.

By reducing the load going to the treatment plant, the town and brewery can continue to grow safely and sustainably while ensuring clean water for all future generations.



Many craft breweries are opening on rural properties not serviced by sewers. Typical domestic effluent can go into a septic systems, but industrial wastewater from a brewery is too strong.

Our solution treats production wastewater separately and utilizes non-potable reuse to lower the impact on the environment with sustainable business practices.

“ With the BrüClean System I don’t have to worry about a process that normally takes up a lot of a brewer’s time”

“The better we are at protecting our water at source, the better our water is going to be for all of us and future generations”

“This solution helps reduces risks of any spikes or spills leaving the business and upsetting the local Wastewater Treatment Plant.”

“a very small portion of my day is spent managing wastewater”

“Econse helped us understand the regulations and worked with us to provided a system that meets the city’s targets”

“If you’re a small or mid sized business, your options for wastewater treatment are very limited.”

“Our solutions cost thousands, not millions, with a foot print a fraction the size of traditional treatment options.”