The Challenge:

Craft Beer is a growing market in North America, however, many Craft Breweries are at risk of receiving large environmental penalties due to their high strength wastewater.

Traditional treatment options have been limited to “scaled down” versions of municipal type systems, and as such, they have higher capital & operating costs, and often require skilled technicians and a reliance on chemical treatments.

These solutions don’t always meet the needs of the small to medium sized Craft Brewers.

Econse Solution:

Starting in October 2015 until March 2016, Econse worked closely with several craft breweries in Ontario to develop a solution to specifically meet the needs of the industry

  • An affordable solution with simple operation & maintenance procedures
  • Small foot print for equipment
  • Able to handle the variations & fluctuations of the brewing process
  • Able to reduce wastewater strength to meet the discharge requirements

The project results were successful and showed that we were able to meet all discharge requirements with the BRÜ CLEAN SYSTEM.

The Results:

Small to Large Craft Breweries and Brew Pubs will now be able to eliminate environmental penalties, and dramatically reduce their water usage in an affordable way and become environmental leaders in their Communities.

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