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Cleaning Craft Beer Wastewater

ECONSE at the annual Discovery conference in downtown Toronto, BNN’s Kristina Partsinevelos speaks with the co-founder of Brü Clean System, a wastewater treatment system for craft brewers.   Click here to view the interview

Canadian Brewery Awards

ECONSE will be speaking at the CBA’s in Vancouver on May 27th, 2016. What is a “sustainable brewery”? How do you achieve the triple bottom line goals of social, environmental and financial responsibility? The panel will discuss how breweries are attempting to find this balance through ingredients selection, environmentally friendly production methods, and community-oriented programming […]

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine June 2016 issue.

By Andrew Amiri, Neil Sosebee and Derek Davy Over 4,500 licensed craft brewers are revitalizing small towns across North America, with revenues estimated at more than CDN$30 billion per year. As one of the fastest growing sectors of the food and beverage industry, small breweries are supporting local economies, creating jobs and contributing to tourism. […]

St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences set to launch Craft Beer Waterprints with Econse

Toronto, Ontario – September 27, 2016 – The St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences (River Institute) is pleased to partner with Econse on the Craft Beer Waterprints project, which will launch at the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference on October 13th, in Toronto. Like a footprint or fingerprint representing the unique impact that a business has […]

SAWDUST CITY BREWING CO to install innovative new wastewater treatment system

Sawdust City Brewing Company, is partnering with Toronto-based ECONSE Water Purification Systems Inc. to install the first BRÜ CLEAN SYSTEM to treat their brewery wastewater onsite. Situated in picturesque Gravenhurst, Ontario, the Gateway to Muskoka, Sawdust City Brewing Company is an exciting part of the region’s culture and industry as the trend for craft and […]


The Challenge: Craft Beer is a growing market in North America, however, many Craft Breweries are at risk of receiving large environmental penalties due to their high strength wastewater. Traditional treatment options have been limited to “scaled down” versions of municipal type systems, and as such, they have higher capital & operating costs, and often […]

PCB & POP Destruction Unit

The Challenge: The removal and decontamination of PCBs and POPs from water is a very difficult and expensive process, which creates additional pollution & waste due to the use of Incineration, Chemical Mineralization, and Reverse Osmosis technologies. ECONSE was asked by a Canadian Government Agency to propose a solution and demonstrate our capability to destroy […]


The Challenge: Public Water Systems add disinfectants such as chlorine or chloramines to protect drinking water from disease-causing organisms. These disinfectants also react with natural organic matters (NOMs) in the water and form chlorination disinfection by-products (CDBs). Drinking water containing THMs and HAAs in excess of Health Canada Maximum Acceptable Concentration (MAC) or EPA (MCL) […]


The Challenge: Water scarcity is a growing concern around the world. Many regions are experiencing record droughts. Other areas have access to abundant sources of water, but the water is unusable due to a variety of reasons including: high levels of contamination, high cost of treatment in remote locations and expensive operation and maintenance costs. […]